How to Wear an Oversized Vintage Two Piece Leisure Suit + Where I Shop Vintage!

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Vintage and retro pieces are usually sized weird, based on modern-day wardrobe sizes. Vintage is either sized way too big or too small, so rocking pieces from back-in-the-day takes a little more attention to your body shape and size than it does for a modern wardrobe. To explain what I mean, here’s an example of a hot pink monochrome two-piece leisure suit I wore over the weekend that is actually too big for me, but with a few tricks I share in this post, you’ll see how I made it work perfectly!

You probably can’t tell from the photos but not only is this outfit technically a bit larger in size than I normally wear but it’s indeed a two-piece suit, rather than a jumpsuit like most people assumed when I posted it on my Instagram on Saturday.mia-campbell-pinkgrasshopper-vintage-how-to-wear-monochrome-suit

The top is an oversized button-up shirt and the pants are pretty loose as well, but thank goodness the pants have a tight elastic band! Given these details, I had to decide exactly how I wanted to rock this look.

Since it’s “vintage” I decided to allow it’s old-school vibe to flourish by a stylish knot in the front. This also helped give the shirt shape and make it smaller, to fit me better. As for the pants, well there’s only one way for me to wear to those since I’m short and wanted a slender look, high-waist! I mentioned these pants have an elastic band, well good for me because the pants fit nice and snug on my waist!

mia-campbell-pinkgrasshopper-vintage-how-to-wear-monochrome-suitI live for being edgy with my fashion so, if the hot pink isn’t enough, the pair of sizzling animal print pumps definitely does it for the ultimate vintage slay! These shoes played a key role to help me keep the old-school vibe I wanted!

Oh and in case you’re wondering where I got this throwback leisure suit from (yea, I know, that’s why you’re here in the first place lol) check out my fashion buddy for all your trendsetting vintage fashion needs!

I absolutely love her site because she finds such unique pieces that are not only from back-in-the-day but are classic and fit-in very well with modern style. While my leisure suit is one-of-a-kind because it’s vintage, Golden Rags always has items you’d need to snatch up right away!

I also got this incredible military jacket from! Do you see what I mean? Ah.May. Zing.Vintage! So be sure to check out the site regularly!mia-campbell-pinkgrasshopper-vintage-how-to-wear-monochrome-suit

For similar monochrome two-piece sets and much more, that aren’t vintage unfortunately, try my favorite site,, or for a stab at retro, your mom’s, aunt’s or granny’s old-school fashion stash and your local Buffalo Exchange!

Remember, don’t worry about the size if it’s a vintage piece that is too big! There are ways to work with it!

mia-campbell-pinkgrasshopper-vintage-how-to-wear-monochrome-suitOUTFIT DETAILS |hot pink vintage leisure suit: GoldenRags, shoes: Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’

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