Luxe Fashion Essentials // Le Beanie !!

0 Posted by - October 30, 2012 - Fashion, Street Style, Trends

From fashion blogs to international catwalks, fashionistas have stepped up the game by

wearing the ever-so-chic luxe beanie! Ladies, this is not your boyfriend’s slouchy beanie,

but its luxe distant cousin!

U.K. divas have adorned their basic black beanies with Russian Lace for a veil affect!

Inspired by Old Hollywood Glamour, these veiled beanies scream vintage siren.

Piercing, bold lips and glitzy earrings will take this beanie to the next level of style!

 Russian Lace Veil Beanie

Luxe beanies are not just being adorned with lace, but spikes and neon too!

Now is the time for beanies so rock out with Bitter NYC’s

Spiked Beanie!  This beanie definitely shouts, “Look at me!”

Beat the cold by wearing this functional, rocker beanie with huge earrings to set off this look!

 Bitter Spiked Beanie 

Stuck in between these beanies? Stick to the classic Pom-Pom, the cool kid essential!

Ladies you can’t go wrong with Bamboo earrings and Timbs with this look!

Pom-Pom Beanie

How will you be rocking your beanies this season?

[Written by: @billiemonroe13, edited by @miagrr]

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