The Olsen Twins are on Time’s list of the All-Time 100 Fashion Icons. Do You Agree?

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We recently discovered Time Magazine’s list of the most influential fashion icons since 1923. This list includes 100 people and brands who have a very clear voice in the fashion industry.

Everyone from Coco Chanel herself to models like Twiggy and muses like Jospehine Baker and photographers to editors and stylists.

This list is a very prominent list and The Olsen Twins are on it!

What are your thoughts on their presence amongst greats like Michael Jackson, Cindy Crawford and Andy Warhol for example? Before you answer, think about this:

The Olsen Twins have been in the entertainment business since they were very young and since has started a company, Dualstar, that has landed them in the ranks of being some of the wealthiest women in the entertainment industry. Moreover, many may not know that Mary-Kate Olsen was very pivotal in penning a certain style that we now know as “boho-chic.”

Great accomplishments like this and the many clothing lines they have in stores around the world are just a few reasons why The Olsen Twins are apart of the list. While most people know them as television stars, fashion journalists and enthusiasts know them a fashion icons and we want to be sure to share this information!

We suggest doing a bit of research on these women to see the greatness they are all about. In the meantime, take a look at Time Magazine’s entire list: All-Time 100 Fashion Icons

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