Upcycling // DIY Bedazzled Collar and/or Cross Graphic Tee Using old CDs!

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Fashionistas, do you have old middle school mixtape CD laying around your room?

Sick of using old t-shirts as dust rags?

You have reached the perfect place to upcycle those items into fashionably creative and affordable DIYs from 2QHAN and Style Guru.

Get those old CDs and tees, and lets get to DIYing Grasshoppers!

 [Source: Styleguru.com]


Old CDs


Bowl of Hot Water

Hot Glue

Fashionista Instructions:

Dip your CD into a bowl of hot water (this will make the CD more flexible and easier to cut).

Cut that CD into small bits, vary your sizing between large and small bits (this will give your tee or collar a unique look)

 Heat your hot glue gun, and glue away!

Collar Chic: Add your CD pieces to the tips of your collar for  rockabilly appeal.

Cross-Tee Bold: Use a light colored pencil or eyeliner to outline your cross print, then glue your CD pieces inside, and voilà you got your very own customized tee!

[Written by: @billiemonroe13, edited by: @miagrr]


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