At the End of the Day, What Do Your Shoes Look Like?

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They say, you can tell a lot about a person’s style by way of their shoes. Or even about a guy and whether or not he’s your style- I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t trust a guy wearing dirty shoes!

twelve-am-white-strappy-heels-mules-pinkgrasshopper-fashion-blogTrust me, though, when I say that this season is more about the shoes you’re wearing, less about the clothes, and I blame Kim Kardashian.

Well, maybe not blame because shoes are life, but Mrs. Kardashian West sure has a hand in making neutral colored, no-pattern having, spandex-fitting, simple-cut fashion pieces a huge trend that grabs us by the butt and refuses to allow us to shake it!


So, here I am, following Kim Kardashian’s fashionable leadership, along with all 49+ million of her devotees, wearing her stylish uniform- a neutral colored bodysuit with a maxi a-line skirt. All I have left to help pump up this style is a bad pair of shoes!


Don’t mind if I do!

My friends over at @Twelveamco gave me the plug for their collection of “bad” heels and I have yet to look back! Only down, to admire my shoes of course!


Here’s how I pulled it all together:



Camel/nude bodysuit: MissGuided

Double-lined black maxi skirt: MissGuided

Vintage Chanel bucket bag: Just Materials

Custom jewelry: KING ME By PinkGrasshopper

The White snakeskin embossed strappy mules are from Twelve AM


Moral of the story is, we all are subject to falling into the cycle of fashionable trends that we love to hate and that’s perfectly fine. It’s all about what you do with the trend! This season, play around with your shoe selection and use it to take trendy looks to the next level!

Twelve Am is a new shoe boutique that will help you do just that with a pair of shoes! At the end of the day, you’ll be the last one standing, still holding up in a sassy pair of shoes!

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