Styled #ByPinkGrasshopper // Vintage Military Jacket + Denim Shorts

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What do you do when you spot a red hot double-breasted, military jacket for sale? Do you wreck your brain trying to figure out what you have to wear with it and debate whether or not to take it home with you? Or do you buy it immediately and figure out the many ways to wear it later?

You buy it NOW and think later, of course!king-me-by-pinkgrasshopper-fashion-blogger-mia-campbellWhenever you come across a piece that you love or spot as an exclusive, trendsetting find, get it! Here’s our tip on a great way to shop-Be picky about the things you purchase, if you don’t LOVE it, and only like it, then don’t buy it-this is the test for you to determine that you can do without it.

On the other hand, if you LOVE it and promise to wear every penny of what it’s worth and then some, then that’s how you know it’s yours! Shopping like this will become a lot more easy, satisfying and cost efficient!

Anyway, if you can’t tell by now, we LOVE this military jacket and thought of a million ways to wear it. Here’s one!king-me-by-pinkgrasshopper-fashion-blogger-mia-campbellOn set of our new jewelry line KING ME By PinkGrasshopper photo shoot, we decided to style our CEO in a look that is edgy & trendsetting yet realistic (street wear style) and relatable so that YOU can easily carbon copy this look!king-me-by-pinkgrasshopper-fashion-blogger-mia-campbellThe military jacket is the ultimate statement piece so we thought pairing it with a simple, yet classic white tee is best to keep all eyes on the jacket, so not to clash, as well as contribute to an overall street style.

The denim shorts add sass and help to tone down the “loud” that the military jacket could give off if you let it.king-me-by-pinkgrasshopper-fashion-blogger-mia-campbell

To make for a cohesive look, the shoes mimic the jackets style but, once again tones down the look, being that they’re black, plus helps to make the overall style of this outfit ready-to-wear for any casual occasion!king-me-by-pinkgrasshopper-fashion-blogger-mia-campbell

As for the sequin captain hat, well it was just to add a little umph to the photo shoot!


Remake this look with a statement jacket from your closet!


Jacket: GoldenRags

Custom Jewelry: KING ME By PinkGrasshopper

White Tee: Coming soon #ByPinkGrasshopper

Shorts: Levis

Shoes: Shiekh Shoes

Custom Sequin Captain Hat: Coming Soon #ByPinkGrasshopper

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