Opps Your Fashion Is Showing! Transparent Clothing Makes a Stylish ComeBack?

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Back in 2004, at the MTV Movie Awards, Marques Houston showed up sporting an ill fitting clear suit. This sparked a flood of jokes and fashion tickets directed to the singer and lucky for him Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police were not around to officially fine him for life or give him the fashion electric chair.


Fast-forward to 2013 and we see the transparent style has made a comeback, but this time in a very tastefully chic and stylish way, thank God!  This style is not only spotted amongst brands and retailers as ready-to-wear pieces but we “know it’s real” because it has made it’s way down the runways on some of your favorite fashion designers such as;



 Stella McCartney

 Simone Rocha


 Charlotte Ronson

 Christian Dior

Yves Saint Laurent

There are many ways to wear this transparent style and you don’t have to be “fake” to look good in see-thru! From glasses and handbags, to shoes and jackets you can go “all-transparent everything” like Marques Houston did back in 2004 OR you can mix and match your transparent pieces to make for a multifaceted TRENDSETTING look.

Try your style with a few transparent pieces and send us your best look! In the meantime, check out some of the pieces I found.

Hot or not?

IMG_20130724_132940 IMG_20130724_132105 IMG_20130724_131905

(Written by: Blayne Northington; IG @bllaynekennon … Edited by @MiaGrr)

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